Chapter 1: NetShield 6000 Series Overview

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[Important] Important: Only cOS Stream version 3.80.02 or later is supported

The NetShield 6000 Series hardware can run any cOS Stream version from 3.80.02 onwards. Earlier versions are not supported and a downgrade should not be attempted.

1.1. Unpacking

An Unpacked NetShield 6000 Series Unit

Figure 1.1. An Unpacked NetShield 6000 Series Unit

This section details the unpacking of a single NetShield 6000 Series device. Open the packaging box used for shipping and carefully unpack the contents. The packaging should contain the following:

  • The NetShield 6000 Series appliance.

  • Power cable for the single PSU supplied in the base unit.

  • Rack mount kit.

Note that the NetShield 6000 Series comes with only a single power supply unit (PSU) installed as standard. This can be for AC (the default) or DC power. A second PSU for redundancy can be ordered separately from a Clavister sales office and fitted on-site into the unused PSU slot on the back of the unit. This topic is discussed further in Chapter 4, PSU Replacement. Note that the fan units in the NetShield 6000 Series are not field replaceable and so the fans will not discussed further in this document.

[Note] Note: Report any items that are missing

If any items are missing from the packaging, please contact your sales office.

Support Agreements

All purchasers of a new NetShield hardware product must also subscribe to one of the available cOS Stream support agreements. These provide access to cOS Stream updates and provide a hardware replacement service in the event of a hardware fault. The terms of warranty are described in Chapter 7, Warranty Service, along with a description of the hardware replacement procedure.

The Cold Standby Service

To ensure maximum uptime, a Cold Standby (CSB) Service is available from Clavister as an addition to certain cOS Stream support agreements. This service allows a second, identical NetShield 6000 Series unit to be purchased at a discount so that it can quickly substitute for the original unit in case of failure, with the ability to quickly reassign the original cOS Stream license to the standby unit. When the faulty unit is returned to Clavister, a new cold standby unit is immediately sent back.

Downloading NetShield 6000 Series Resources

All documentation, version upgrades and other resources for the NetShield 6000 Series can be downloaded from the Clavister website after logging into the relevant MyClavister account.

Contacting Clavister Product Support

Clavister customer support can be contacted by logging into and reporting an issue online. Alternatively, the direct support telephone number is +46 (0)660-29 77 55 (answered 24/7). Sales enquiries should be directed to the head office number +46 (0)660-29 92 00 or a local sales office during the relevant business hours.

End of Life Disposal

The NetShield 6000 Series appliance is marked with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive symbol which is shown below.

The product, and any of its parts, should not be discarded using a regular refuse disposal method. At end-of-life, the product and parts should be given to an appropriate service that deals with the disposal of such specialist materials.