Chapter 1: Overview

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The Clavister InCenter Cloud service is an administrative tool for the remote centralized monitoring of one or many NetWall systems using a Web User Interface (WebUI) running in a standard web browser. The browser connects to an instance of the InCenter server running in a cloud environment and the server then mediates communications between the WebUI and the NetWall systems. This is illustrated below.

Firewalls Monitored by the InCenter Cloud

Figure 1.1. Firewalls Monitored by the InCenter Cloud

Note that a NetWall system will be referred to generically as a node in the context of InCenter.

When a NetWall node is added to InCenter, it means that the node continues to be managed locally but InCenter is able to act as a log server that receives log messages from the node. The received logs messaged can then be analyzed using InCenter dashboards.

History Storage Times

The following should be noted about the default length of time that the log messages data received from nodes are stored by the InCenter cloud service:

To extend these default time periods, contact your local Clavister sales representative.