8.3. SR-IOV Setup with KVM

Adding SR-IOV Interfaces

The following are the steps for SR-IOV interface setup:

  1. If it is running, stop the virtual machine.

  1. In Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager), select Add Hardware.

  1. Select PCI Host Device and the correct virtual function.

  1. The same is repeated if a second PCI device is added.

  1. The new adapters are now listed in virt-manager.

  1. Start cOS Stream again and enter the following CLI command:

    System:/> ethupdate -cfgupdate

    The system will scan for the available interfaces and include the added PCI interfaces into the configuration.

  1. Finally, save the configuration changes by entering the following commands:

    System:/> activate
    System:/> commit

SR-IOV with KVM Troubleshooting

The possibilities of configuration options are large with KVM. However, in certain circumstances the following can solve some common issues: