8.2. SR-IOV Setup with VMware

The following are the steps for SR-IOV interface setup when running under VMware using the VSphere™ client:

  1. If it is running, stop the virtual machine.

  1. In the vSphere client, select Edit virtual machine settings.

  1. When the properties dialog appears, select the Add function.

  1. In the list of device types, choose PCI Device .

  1. Now, select the PCI device itself.

  1. Select Finish when the addition is complete.

  1. Repeat the above to add an additional PCI device.

  1. Start cOS Stream again and enter the following console CLI command:

    System:/> ethupdate -cfgupdate

    The system will scan for the available interfaces and include the added PCI interfaces into the configuration.

  1. Finally, save the configuration changes by entering the following commands:

    System:/> activate
    System:/> commit