6.7. System Management

Upgrades Under KVM

When running under KVM, upgrades of cOS Core are done just as they are on a non-virtualized cOS Core installation, by installing upgrade packages through the normal cOS Core user interfaces. It is not necessary to create a new virtual machine for a new version.

Increasing IPsec Performance with AES-NI

If the underlying hardware platform supports AES-NI acceleration, this can be made use of by cOS Core to significantly accelerate IPsec throughput when AES encryption is used. This acceleration is enabled by default.

If disabled, this feature can be enabled in the Web Interface by going to Network > Interfaces and VPN > Advanced Settings and clicking the checkbox Enable AES-NI acceleration. In the CLI, use the command:

Device:/> set Settings IPsecTunnelSettings AESNIEnable=Yes

After enabling, cOS Core must be rebooted for this option to take effect.

To check if the underlying platform supports AES-NI, use the CLI command:

Device:/> cpuid

If AES-NI is supported, aes will appear in the Feature flags list in the output from the command.